About Pharmaskincare

Pharmaskincare® products are the unique result of modern biotechnology and dermatological research combined with centuries o f scientific observation.

The biology of skin is too complex for an individual ingredient to solve its problems, and treating the surface is not enough. That is why any constituent of a Pharmaskincare® product has not only a specific function, it must also interact with the other constituents in the formula. The whole must be greater than the sum of its parts. Pharmaskincare® products have been created to treat every aspect of skin care under all kinds of conditions, ranging from natural aging processes to UV damage to environmental assaults to stress and metabolic deficiencies. In addition, the active principles have been tested and retested on all skin types at all stages of skin development from youth to maturity, from acne to menopause, from excessive oiliness to age spots.

Since we now know how healthy skin functions, the primary objective of these products is to stimulate our natural ability to restore and rebuild skin cells -- skin must be nourished before it can be restored. We at Pharmaskincare® believe in making sure the ingredients are beneficial to beautiful skin, the blend of the ingredients works synergistically, and that the ingredient blend is balanced - proper proportions are critical to effectiveness. Pharmaskincare®: The Future of Skin.